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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the process by which faculty make “scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making research findings public”.  Through SoTL faculty can improve both their disciplinary expertise as well as their pedagogical expertise.  SoTL can also involve the implementation of modern teaching practices such as inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, service learning, etc.  Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture has a strong tradition of teaching excellence, but relatively few faculty have published scholarly activities related to teaching and learning.  As students and learning styles evolve, it is critical that faculty pursue scholarly activities related to teaching and learning to ensure the tradition of excellence continues. 


The “Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Assessment” program is designed to promote SoTL by providing mini-grants to encourage and support scholarly activities related to teaching, learning and/or assessment of student learning and by providing awards that acknowledge outstanding SoTL efforts and success.


Mini-Grant Program:

1. Approximately $15,000 annually will be made available to fund grants that support the scholarship of teaching, learning and/or assessment in the College of Agriculture. Grants may be submitted for any range up to $8,000, but the desire is to support as many grants as possible.

2. College of Agriculture faculty with 10% or higher teaching appointments may apply

3. Faculty are encouraged to include graduate students as collaborators when appropriate

4. Awards will be made annually, however multiple year projects are acceptable

5. A project summary/termination report is required. For multiple year projects, an annual report will be required to obtain continued funding

6. Proposals should include justification, methodology, timeline, budget and proposed method(s) for sharing with peers.

7. Proposals are due on April 15thfor funding the following summer and academic year.


Awards Program:

1. Nomination will consist of the faculty member’s vita, a summary of teaching accomplishments including scholarly activities in teaching, learning and/or assessment, and a highlight of the innovative SoTL activity for which the nomination is being submitted

2. A maximum of two awards will be presented annually. Winners will receive a $500 cash award and up to $1000 to be used for travel to a teaching conference.  One of the awards will be reserved for assistant professors and/or instructors, and the second award will be open to all teaching faculty.

3. Nominations are due on April 15thand awards will be announced at the College of Agriculture Honors Reception on the Friday before Spring Commencement.  


Past Award Recipients