Curriculum Variances and Substitutions

Awarding of a degree requires completion of all courses and total credits listed as the prescribed curriculum for the specific major and option declared by the student. Under special conditions, substitutes are allowed as interest of the student warrant. Any changes in the prescribed curriculum must be made by submission of a Curriculum Variance Form. Unless this is done, awarding of the degree depends upon completion of everything on the curriculum. Variances are discussed between the student and advisor and must be approved by the department and the College.

The curriculum requirements in effect at the time the student first entered the major must be followed unless: 1) a request to use a more recent curriculum is submitted by the department to Ag Student Records or 2) more than six years have elapsed from the time of entrance.

The College of Agriculture policy states students shall have the opportunity to graduate under the curriculum (course and total credit requirements) in effect at the time they entered the major provided they graduate within six years. If studies are interrupted and more than six years elapse between the time of entrance and graduation, students will need to complete the curriculum requirements in existence at the time they re-enter the University for the final, uninterrupted phase of their program. (The term “uninterrupted” means attendance during successive fall and spring semesters.)