Dual Degrees and Majors

Dual Degrees

Undergraduate students may earn more than one bachelor’s degree, if they are separate B.S./B.A. degree programs (Dual Degrees), but may not earn two B.S. degrees in Agriculture. For example, a B.S. student in Agriculture [major in Ag. Econ.] may also earn a B.S. in Business Administration [major in Accounting]but not a second B.S. in Agriculture [major in Animal Science and Industry]. The student must complete all course requirements for each degree. Within the College of Agriculture, most majors receive a B.S. in Agriculture. Major specific B.S. degrees are only awarded in Agribusiness, Bakery Science and Management, Milling Science and Management, Feed Science and Management, Food Science and Industry and Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management.

Dual Majors

A student may pursue a Dual Major in Agriculture [for example, Ag Econ and Animal Sciences] by completing requirements in two separate B.S. in Agriculture programs within the College of Agriculture. The student must complete all course requirements for each major. Notation of a Dual Major will be made on the student’s transcript, however, only one B.S. in Agriculture will be awarded.