Transfer Coursework for Graduating Seniors

Announced January 2018
Effective for Fall 2018 graduating seniors

College of Ag Students need to complete external coursework (coursework taken at an institution other than Kansas State University) the semester prior to the start of their final semester at Kansas State University. All official transcripts must be received in the Admissions Office no later than the graduation application deadline, which for the fall and spring semester is the end of the 4th week of the semester and for summer semester is the second week of June. Transfer coursework not received by the time a student applies for graduation will mean the student’s name will not appear in the commencement program as the initial application review will be denied because official coursework cannot be confirmed. As an example of the above policy, if a student plans to graduate in Spring 2020, he/she will need to take transfer coursework no later than Fall 2019 and transfer it into K-State by January 2020 so that it is received prior to the beginning of graduation application reviews. Students that plan to take external coursework their junior or senior year, need to be sure to plan accordingly so the coursework is received prior to their final semester. Directions on how to transfer coursework in can be found at the bottom of this page.

For students with extenuating circumstances that require them to take transfer coursework their last semester at K-State, they need to submit a formal request to the Ag Student Records Office PRIOR to enrolling in the transfer course. For example, if a student plans to graduate in Spring 2020 and he/she knows a course that is needed to graduate is not offered that final spring semester at K-State, but it is offered at another institution, he/she will need to obtain a form, from his/her departmental student services coordinator, that is a request to take external coursework during the final semester. For a Spring 2020 graduating senior, this form must be completed and submitted in October/November 2019 at the latest to find out if it is approved by the Assistant Dean for enrollment in the course in Spring 2020. The form is intended to be completed PRIOR to enrolling at the transfer institution. If approved, the student will need to show proof of enrollment prior to the start of graduation application reviews in February 2020. Students who submit the form late or who do not submit the form at all and take external coursework their final semester will be moved to the next term for graduation. In the example above, this means students who do not comply with the policy will be moved to the Summer 2020 term.

Students need to work closely with their advisors when bringing transfer coursework into K-State. Only half of the credits applying toward a degree can be from a 2- year institution, 20 of the last 30 credit hours taken must be from K-State, and students need to refer to the transfer equivalency page to make sure courses will transfer in as the degree requirement they intended for it to.


How to transfer coursework to K-State:

External coursework must be submitted to K-State via an official transcript prior to the graduation application deadline for each semester. Please have your transcript faxed to the Admissions Office at 785-532-6393 or if the transfer institution uses an electronic transcript provider, you may ask them to send your transcript to (we highly recommend you use the electronic transcript option to expedite this process).