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Study Abroad

All undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture are encouraged to include an international study experience as part of their K-State education. Due to the global nature of agriculture, students in all majors are encouraged to include foreign language and international culture and business courses in their curricula.

The College of Agriculture supports various programs for international experiential learning through agricultural study tours, semester abroad programs, and summer internships in other countries.

Current International Opportunities are as follows:


Each year, departments within the College of Agriculture sponsor group study tours to countries around the globe. Agriculture students also participate in other trips sponsored by other colleges and universities.

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Summer Long Programs

Summer study programs are a popular way for K-State College of Agriculture students to gain international experience. The College of Agriculture has a student exchange agreement with ESA Purpan, in Toulouse, France. College of Agriculture students have also completed recent summer study programs coordinated by the Office of International Programs in the Czech Republic, Honduras, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Recent international internships have included students in Scotland, Guatemala, New Zealand, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and Paraguay.

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Semester Abroad

The semester abroad programs offer K-State College of Agriculture students the best opportunity to fully experience and understand the culture of their host country. The College of Agriculture currently has 20 international collaborative agreements with universities in other countries. Recent semester abroad programs have taken our students to Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. For more information on semester abroad programs, contact the Office of International Programs.

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Scholarship Opportunities

To encourage and provide partial financial support for student experiences in other countries, the K-State College of Agriculture offers several travel scholarships on a competitive basis. Students considering group study tours, summer study programs and semester abroad programs are eligible to apply.

Several scholarship funds have been established to support College of Agriculture students who study abroad. To apply for these scholarships, complete the application and send a hard copy of the application and a resume to Don Boggs, 117 Waters Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506-4008 two months prior to your trip. The International Agricultural Advisory Committee reviews the applications and announces the scholarship awards in late March.

Here is the scholarship application for students interested in studying abroad in the College of Agriculture. 

Upcoming Trips

Faculty-led Costa Rica Study Trip 
  • March 2020
  • Dr. Kraig Roozeboom
Faculty-led International Food and Agribusiness Study Tour of China
  • May 19-29, 2020
  • Dr. Andrew Barkley and Mary Ellen Barkley
Faculty-led Animal Science Tour of Japan
  • May 20-30, 2020
  • Dr. Megan Rolf and Tim Carson
Faculty-led Educational Tour of the Czech Republic
  • May 23-June 4, 2020
  • Dr. Gaea Hock