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College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture
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Competition Teams

K-State has a strong tradition of nationally competitive teams. Intercollegiate competition teams provide opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Participation prepares students to be successful in their careers.  Departments dedicate faculty time and resources to develop strong teams. Each year, at least one of K-State's competition teams wins a national championship. Placing at the national level is the norm for many of them.

Agricultural Economics Quiz BowlAgronomy Forage Bowl Team
Animal Science QuadrathlonCrop Science Team
Dairy Cattle JudgingDairy Challenge Team
Dairy Products Judging TeamFood Product Development Team
Food Science Quiz BowlHelwig Farms Quarter-Scale Tractor Team
Horse JudgingPLANET Landscape Contracting Team
Livestock JudgingLinnean Team
Meat Evaluation TeamMeat Science Quiz Bowl Team
NAMA Marketing TeamPoultry Team
Rodeo TeamSoils Team
Weeds Team
Wool Judging Team