Research Facilities

The College of Agriculture is committed to experiential learning or learning by doing. So, nearly all college research facilities and many of our experiment fields in Manhattan are located on campus or about a mile away. This is unusual. But it makes it possible for undergraduate students to be very hands-on and involved in actual research.

K-State College of Agriculture has research facilities dedicated to animal science, food and feed safety; animal and crop genetics; milling; and the creation of value-added foods.

This is the only university in the world with access to a full continuum of biosecurity laboratories located on or adjacent to campus. The College of Agriculture uses these to provide research on food and feed safety, and, with the opening of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, the college will soon be able to provide the latest in plant disease diagnostics research, surveillance and training in disease vector biology.

Agricultural research and its benefits extend to the state’s 105 counties through K-State Research and Extension’s agriculture research centers, experiment fields and extension services. The wide variations in precipitation, temperature, elevation and soil types throughout Kansas provide a unique testbed for crop production and agricultural systems that can mimic climates on every non-arctic continent.