K-State Research and Extension

Alison Crane with goats in a fieldK-State Research and Extension connects people across the state with the knowledge and science of Kansas State University by offering practical, research-based education.

K-State Research and Extension improves Kansans' lives, livelihoods and communities through education, research, engagement and leadership. With scientists, educators and volunteers in each of the state's 105 counties, K-State Research and Extension professionals strive to make the university's scientific improvements and discoveries accessible and relevant to every household. What they do, though, is not contained within state borders. Their work with regional, national and international organizations creates positive impacts around the world.

Supporting our five grand challenges

K-State Research and Extension focuses on five challenges that directly or indirectly affect all Kansans. In 2021, 2.4 million contacts were made between residents of Kansas and K-State Research and Extension educators and scientists in these challenge areas. K-State Research and Extension provides education and support through in-person classes or training, online classes, webinars, articles and publications.

  • Global food systems
  • Water and Natural Resources
  • Health
  • Community vitality
  • Developing tomorrow's leaders

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