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Manuscript Services

Use the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES) online manuscript submission system to obtain a KAES contribution number.

The KAES is the research component of K-State Research and Extension. The KAES assigns contribution numbers to manuscripts prepared by station scientists for external publication (e.g., journals) and station publications (e.g., annual reports of progress). Authors can also request editing before submitting manuscripts to external publications. Manuscripts published during each fiscal year are listed in the annual KAES Director’s Reports.

On this website, KAES faculty can request contribution numbers and editing for manuscripts, submit publication information and update manuscript status once manuscripts are published, and search the database of submitted manuscripts.

For questions or feedback regarding Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station editorial procedures, station publications, and the KAES online manuscript submission system, contact:
Amanda Tomlinson
Editor, Publishing Unit
Department of Communications and Agricultural Education
209 Umberger Hall
Office: (785) 532-7129

For questions or feedback regarding K-State Research and Extension publications and other services provided by the Department of Communications Publications Unit, contact:
Mark Stadtlander
Director, Publications Unit
Department of Communications and Agricultural Education
210 Umberger Hall
(785) 532-1149