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Power BI Instructions for Research Expenditures

Contact: Terri Fayle (tfayle@ksu.edu)

  • https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/
  • Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner.
  • If login is necessary, use your ksu.edu email.  You will be redirected to a K-State page to login with your EID and password.
  • Choose Shared With Me on the left hand menu.
  • The "Owner" of Research Expenditures Reports is Research - Fayle.
  • Click on ResearchExpenditures for the reports.
  • Your access is limited to only your departments.
  • It is likely your By Investigator report is 99% blank.  This can be built out for you but I will need your help by assigning all project numbers for your department to an Investigator.  Contact me and I will send you an excel file to get started.
  • Specific Report information:
    • All reports will only show you Org codes for which you have access to.
    • All reports can be filtered to show specific years, as well as other filters.  Use the Ctrl key to choose multiples.
    • All Ag & Non-Ag - all reported research expenditures by college/department.
    • By Object - all reported research expenditures and sorted by object code.
    • By Investigator - all reported research expenditures sorted by researcher IF you have provided the information noted above.
    • Comparison to University - all reported research expenditures for your Org codes along with the total amount of research expenditures reported by K-State.
    • SRO Collected - SRO collected on research expenditures.
    • SRO Unrecovered - SRO NOT collected on research expenditures (still reported as a research expenditure).
  • Contact me for reports you would like to see added.
  • Under Export, you can export the reports you see to PDF, PowerPoint, or print.  Under the ..., you can create a data connection to the Power BI data file using Analyze in Excel using PivotTables.  All these features can be reached at the top of each report.  The only way you can get the actual transaction detail is for me to email it to you.