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Our role

Due to the growth of sponsored activity at K-State, the office of Proposal Services was created in order to help KSRE faculty and staff manage their proposal development activities.  Our office is dedicated to your proposal development and we are here to help and support all activities related to your proposal.  Some of the specific activities where we can be most beneficial include subawardee management and budget development.

When it comes to your proposals, your first contact should be the grant specialist assigned to your department.  Of course, there may be times you are needing support, but your assigned specialist is out of the office.  Please feel free to contact any of our grant specialists.  We are all here to help you with whatever you may need.

Our role in development of your proposal is to handle those activities you need help with.  Please work with your grant specialist to determine what special or particular needs you may have on any proposal.  Ultimately, we help you put your proposal into its final form before it goes to PreAward Services.  We liaise with PreAward Services on your behalf once you consider the proposal ready to submit.  PreAward Services is the only office on campus authorized to submit a proposal to an external sponsor.  They will review the proposal they receive from our office and advise your grant specialist of any issues they see, then they will submit the proposal to the sponsor.

There may be times when Proposal Services may help you after a proposal is submitted or when a proposal is awarded.  But these are done on a somewhat limited basis and usually include award activities when we handled the proposal, agreement drafting when a sponsor wants to use a K-State template, or creating a modified proposal upon sponsor request.  Please know we are glad to help whenever we can, but our goal is to be dedicated to proposal development which will always be our top priority.