The K-State Ag Diversity Programs Office was established to promote leadership, understanding, and diverse opportunities among students and faculty in the College of Agriculture.

Diversity objectives: Recruit, Retain, Enrich, Graduate, Place

The Diversity Programs office is guided by five objectives:

  • Recruit students through various programs and events.
  • Retain students through mentoring and involvement with clubs.
  • Enrich students abilities through proper guidance and leadership roles.
  • Graduate students through proper academic advisement and encouragement.
  • Place students into jobs and graduate school through networking opportunities.

Diversity Programs Office Staff

Dr. Zelia Wiley

Assistant Dean and Director
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: zwiley@ksu.edu

Lonnie Hobbs Jr.

Graduate Assistant
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: lhobbs@ksu.edu

Summer Santillana

Office Coordinator
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: smades@ksu.edu

McKenzie Stevens

Undergraduate Assistant
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: mckenz3@ksu.edu

Daisy Farr

Undergraduate Intern
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: drfarr@ksu.edu

Sanders Barbee

Project IMPACT Mentor
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: sander3@ksu.edu


Raymond Thomas

Project IMPACT Mentor
Office: 785-532-5793
Email: rjthomas@ksu.edu