Agribusiness bachelor's degree

Be involved in the business associated with production, processing and distribution of agricultural product.

  • Develop an understanding of management, marketing and finance.
  • Apply business strategies and economic principles to solve problems in production, distribution and consumption of agricultural goods and services.
  • Prepare for a career that allows you to outline plans and successfully lead agribusiness firms to manage risk and realize a positive return.

What You’ll Study

Expand your knowledge in topics such as

  • management,
  • market competition,
  • finance,
  • agency regulation,
  • economics, and
  • emerging issues in food, business, and agriculture.

You'll develop your skills in communication, decision-making and leadership by taking classes in Food & Agribusiness Management, Market Structures, Ag Finance, Production Economics and Ag Policy.

Gain hands-on experience as you trade commodities, develop business plans and assess and manage risk.


Grain Merchandiser Sales Representative Commodity Broker
Human Resource Associate Plant Supervisor Grain Marketing Specialist
Financial Analyst Account Manager Pricing Specialist
Risk Management Advisor Insurance Agent
Loan Officer Operations Analyst


Employers include producers, food and value-added companies, agricultural input manufacturers, grain companies, cooperatives, banks and credit unions, and even other businesses indirectly affiliated with agriculture.

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