Study soil, water, plant, environmental, genetic, range, and weed sciences and their relationship to sustaining the world’s food supply, protecting the quality of the environment and conserving vital soil and water resources.


What You’ll Study

Use science and technology as you study soil and plants as well as the environment in the production of feed, food, fiber, and fuel. Gain hands-on learning experience in laboratory courses and class visits. Research and learn at the 400-acre Agronomy North Farm located directly north of campus or the 2,900 acres of grass prairie located near Manhattan within the Flint Hills. Courses in weed science, soil fertility, and precision agriculture software are offered.



Crop Consultant Soil or Range Conservationist Precision Ag Specialist
Sales Representative Loan Officer Farm and Ranch Manager
Rangeland Manager Plant Breeder Production Agronomist
Field Technician Environmental Consultant Research Scientist
Technical Representative

Employers include seed companies, farm supply firms, government agencies, precision agriculture companies, cooperative extension service, cooperatives, chemical companies, USDA and environmental firms.


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