Prepare for a career in plant propagation, production, marketing, or maintenance of fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and turfgrass. Horticulture incorporates both science and aesthetics to prepare you for a variety of careers.

What You’ll Study

Combine art and skill with science and technology for sustainable growing, distributing, and using plants, fruits, and vegetables. Gain hands-on experience in labs and courses in the greenhouse, as well as the K-State Gardens’ outdoor teaching laboratory. Take courses such as plant propagation, nursery management, concepts of floral design, basic turfgrass culture, and greenhouse operations management.


Landscape Designer Sales Representative Arborist
Environmental Management Production Horticulturist Greenhouse Operator
Golf Course Superintendent Horticulture Consultant Interior Plantscaper
Technical Representative Sports Turf Management Urban Horticulturist
Groundskeeper Florist

Employers include: research facilities, residential and commercial lawn services, florist chains, floricultural operation companies, golf course, tree farms, garden centers, nursery facilities, and arbor companies.

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