Park Management and Conservation

Combine the study of natural sciences with communications, management and social sciences to gain an understanding of the social, political and management factors affecting the use of our recreational lands and waters. Prepare for career options in a variety of natural resource management agencies and organizations.

What You’ll Study

Study a variety of outdoor biological systems. Gain hands-on experience through laboratories in the Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center, as well as many outdoor experiences in biologically diverse systems. During your 10-week internship, you'll experience fieldwork in a professional setting. Specialize in natural resource management, recreation business, law enforcement or interpretation.


Urban Forester Park Director Park Ranger
Hunting Lodge Director Facility Manager Recreational Planner
Interpreter/Naturalist City Park Administrator Lake Manager
Recreation, Park and Tourism Scientist Program Specialist Hospitality Director

Employers include: youth agencies, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state and county park agencies, resorts, public recreation and parks departments and commercial and corporate recreation companies.

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