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College of Agriculture

K-State Agricultural Research Centers and Institutes

Biosecurity Research Institute

The Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) at Pat Roberts Hall on the Kansas State University campus is a unique biocontainment research and education facility.

The BRI supports comprehensive "farm-to-fork" infectious disease research programs that address threats to plant, animal, and human health. Home to 113,000 square feet of lab, education, and administrative space, this BSL-3, ABSL-3 and BSL3-Ag facility offers countless research and education opportunities.

Beef Cattle Research Center

The Beef Cattle Research Center conducts research that is responsive to the needs of the cattle industry, aimed at improving management practices that will lead to efficient production of safe, high quality beef. The Center also provides education and hands-on technical training for students wanting to pursue careers in beef production and related industries.

Food Science Institute

The Food Science Institute provides research and technical assistance for the food industry. The Institute organizes the research of approximately 57 faculty from five colleges and 13 departments.

Their areas of expertise include:

  • food chemistry,
  • food microbiology,
  • food safety,
  • veterinary medicine,
  • cereal science,
  • dairy science,
  • meat science,
  • food service,
  • sensory analysis,
  • food engineering,
  • human nutrition, and
  • product development.
Wheat Genetics Research Center

This Center maintains a gene bank on 2,500 wheat species accessions, including evaluation and passport data. The Center also houses 2,200 cytogenetic stocks, often called the genetics treasures produced by a lifetime of work by wheat scientists.

The Wheat Genetics Resources has established a national and international network to conduct and coordinate genetic studies in wheat, including resistance to viral, bacterial, fungal and insect pests.

O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center

This Center promotes feed research, as well as teaching and production training for feed processing. The Center is also used extensively for pet food development and grain handling. Studies are also planned to develop improved food for companion, zoo and exotic animals.

The Center includes the Cargill Feed Safety Research Center, a biosfafety level 2 (BSL-2) feed mill.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center

The Fungal Genetics Stock Center has extensive holdings of genetically characterized Neurospora mutants and 10,000 knock-out deletion mutants, as well as molecular genetic tools for working with plant pathogens, industrial fungi, model organisms and human pathogens.

Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement focuses on helping small businesses succeed through new media marketing research. As a generator and source of knowledge about new media technologies, the Center enables rural businesses to flourish in an ever-changing environment.

Faculty members’ goal is to make research-based knowledge discoverable and accessible to individuals, businesses, and communities and foster positive changes to rural livelihood.

Center for Risk Management Education and Research

The Center for Risk Management Education and Research at Kansas State University seeks to enhance the understanding of economic risks inherent in our global society through world-class experiential education and research.

By providing students and business professionals with the information and tools necessary to identify, quantify, and manage risk, the Center complements Kansas State University's 2025 Vision. Additionally, the Center will eagerly, aggressively, and earnestly support the greater University mission of advancing the well-being of our state, country and the international community.


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