Hands-on learning

Experiential Learning

In its simplest form, experiential learning is learning by doing.

At K-State College of Ag, experiential learning is way more. It’s a way to make lessons come alive and become more relevant. It’s about spending a semester working as an intern to get first-hand experience, traveling abroad to gain a more global perspective or joining a research team to help solve one of the world’s great problems. Experiential learning helps students gain confidence, inspires creativity, increases problem-solving and leadership skills, helps students learn to work in teams and prepares them to become the leaders we need to move agriculture and society forward.

In-Class Learning

Every College of Agriculture major offers many opportunities for experiential learning. Ag Economics students participate in commodity futures and options markets. Ag Communications students create, publish and sell advertising for their own nationally award-winning magazine. The Horticulture Club hosts bedding plant, mum and poinsettia sales through their production of plants. Baking Science students explore the chemistry of baking and the effects of altering the baking formulas. No matter the major, all College of Ag students experience valuable hands-on learning.


College of Agriculture students benefit from a powerful network of ag alumni who support K-State students seeking internships in ag-related businesses, industries and government work. Internships give students the chance to apply what they learned in the classroom in a professional setting and the exposure to help them decide if they’ve chosen the right career path. Internships also provide students with great opportunities to build their network of contacts and gain coveted work experience.

Study Abroad

The College of Agriculture provides an expansive study abroad program to give students the chance to explore global agriculture. Week-to semester-long experiences are available. Recently, the college has offered programs in France, India, Ireland, China, Japan, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Italy and the Czech Republic – the opportunities and locations change every year.

More than 100 College of Agriculture students participate in an international experience annually. Students return with a new perspective of global agriculture and a greater understanding and appreciation for different traditions and customs.

Students participating in these programs are eligible for scholarships and to receive course credits.

Undergraduate Research

With faculty and staff mentors, K-State students work in teams to solve problems they have identified. This discovery work requires them to flex their creativity, problem-solving and presentation talents to find and share answers to some of the real challenges we face. Undergraduate Research is not just for students wanting to prepare for graduate school or those wanting to become professional researchers or academics. All students benefit from this program that builds decision-making and team-building skills.